Sunday, February 15, 2009

b-day card for FIL

My father in-law's birthday is coming up. I don't have very many maculine cards in my stash so I had to make a card. I struggle with maculine cards so I was browsing through Paper Wings to see if anything there caught my eye. I found this gorgous card that Debbie made. For the most part I completely copied here card. You just can't mess with perfection.

I've seen cards like this floating around with links to Michelle Zindorf's tutorial but the card just looked to complicated. It was so easy! The hardest part was deciding what colors to use. Here's the tutorial Michelle made

So I showed the card Debbie did to my husband and told him I wanted to try to make this card for his dad. His question "Make it, are you going to print it out?" WHAT?!!!!! No, I'm going to remake this card.

I have the Happy trails set but all the free standing trees I have are evergreens Evergreens just aren't going to work, you have to stamp the trees in black, it will just look like a black blob. My solution. I pulled out my black marker, Let it snow and colored just the trees.

I finished the card and took it to my husband to see what he thinks. His reaction. He turns it this way and that way, looks at me and asks " Did you print off the card?" NOOOO, you can't just go online and print off a card someone else made. I made the card. He's impressed, not because I made it but because it looks very professional. Now mind you he is very supportive of my habit and always makes a positive comment but rarely do I get a wow. This card got a wow.

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