Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a few more layouts

Well my 3 year old ate his supper hopped down from his chair while we were still eating supper to go hang out in the living room. When we went to check on him he was napping on the couch. A nap at 6 pm is never good. He's still running laps around the house but I'm too tired to play with paper so I thought I would upload the layouts I've finished in the last few days. Have to say I really enjoy having the craft room adjacet to the living room.

All the paper is from my stash. The Army will move a certain amount of household goods weight for free. I taught preschool before kids and kept all my files/ lesson plan stuff mix that in with scrapbooking and you have a recipe for a weight problem. After looking at the boxes of paper we moved my husband placed a paper ban on me. The amount of paper coming into the house has to equal the amount of paper going out of the house. I will be selling this layout so I have earned myself 6 sheets of paper hehe. (we moved well over 150 lbs of scrapbooking paper so I don't think I'll be cashing in my 6 sheets anytime soon- can we say horder)
The cutting files are from Little Scraps of Heaven.

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